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When a seriously inebriated male (usually almost to the point of alcohol poisoning) vomits all over the head of a girl performing oral sex on him. Also known as a "peurto rican bath."
I gave that slut a dirty nacho and she didn't even notice.
#peurto #rican #dirty #nacho #salas
by Chuck the Jay November 02, 2006
A game where several guys circle jerk onto a nacho. Last one to spooge has to eat it.
Damn! I lost at dirty nacho again!
#dirty #nacho #man salsa #durty nacho #spooge
by manrower April 21, 2009
the at of when a male leaves a boule movement on a female's chest and engages in an act of sexual intercourse with the pile on her chest.
Baby, I'll give you real pleasure. Let me give you a dirty nacho.
by The Truth March 05, 2005
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