When one masterbates with a dildo(originally with wooden dildo, but this is not necessary), up his/her (usually male and must have moustache)anus, and then pulls it out and whipes it on his moustache. This is known as a dirty moffatt.
Bradely gave himself a dirty moffatt last snowday
by Harry1977 February 23, 2007
Top Definition
When a man (not neccessarily but usually a tech teacher) takes a dildo, (usually made of wood) and sticks it up his ass while masterbating. After coming, the man pulls out the dildo, and then, with a left-to-right motion, whipes it on his moustache.
bradly gave himself a dirty moffatt on the snowday.
by bradly moffatt March 05, 2007
When a man with a moustache gets done up the ass and the shit from the penis gets smeared in his moustache.
Joe gave Brad a dirty moffatt
by testical_raper April 01, 2007
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