a promiscuous woman who has a certain amount of filthyness to her.
that bitch was such a dirty mango, she didnt change her panties for 3 days! I know- they said monday!
by traddle3000 July 23, 2008
Top Definition
a game where you take turns fucking a heated mango with a crevice and the person who takes the longest to cum has to eat the mango. Often played after a hard day doing 4u maths in or behind the library to relieve stress.
Oi did you hear the guys at Sydney Technical Highschool were doing the dirty mango.
by da boss dz October 07, 2012
Is when you heat up a mango for about 3 minutes on high take it out of the microwave then cut a hole in it and insert your penis and fuck it long and hard til you cum.
Yo ha did a dirty mango last night bro.
by Mic longdick June 28, 2012
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