Just like a Dirty Sanchez but you end up on TBS.
This week on Lopez tonight Heidi Montag tells all about her dirty sanchez, now officially becoming a dirty lopez.
by bopovich January 26, 2010
Its when you toss a females salad, pull out a peanut with your tongue, then kiss her and pass it back, then she swallows it... wait a few hours then repeat until you cant find the peanut anymore... TADA! THE DIRTY LOPEZ!
Dirty Lopez
by Cabron43x January 19, 2011
simply put....... penis inserted into asshole, then inserted into mouth...... aka ass to mouth
lopez stuck his dick into morgan's sphincter and then stuck it into her mouth also known as a dirty lopez
by electric haze October 08, 2008
fuck jennifer lopez in the ass and wype it on her couch
in the ass on the couch dirty lopez
by buttom bithc May 18, 2010
The term used for a person who acts like a douchebag by stealing, free-loading, leaving food out to spoil, and other such acts.
Man! That man is such a fucking dirty lopez!
by Whitehead January 31, 2004

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