Dirty Laundry is the name given to the act of wiping ones penis on the bed sheets and/or curtins after engaging in anal sex.
After I had anal sex with that homeless chick I couldn't find a towell so I had to dirty laundry it.
by TheMentant October 21, 2011
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ususally used to describe someones secrets that they dont want anyone to find out about. Everyone usually wants to know about others dirty laundry.
I found out about janes dirty laundry!
don henley did a good song describing dirty laundry
by w00tang August 04, 2005
clothes that are temporarily unwearable on account of excessive odor, grass stains, blood stains,I just missed my mouth stains, I just shit my pants stains, I just crawled out of a hole stains, I just kicked an old person stains,I just murdered a busload of people stains, and/or dirt stains.
My parents just made me throw my dirty laundry into a bucket that says: HAZARD; BIOLOGICAL WASTE.
by harharanemu April 02, 2006
A term possibly invented by Don Henley of the Eagles in his song of the same title. Junk news. Gossip. Heresay blown way out of proportion by the news media.
Don: "..Got the bubble headed bleach blond, comes on at 5..she can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye...get the widow on the set..give us dirty laundry."
by psiscott April 09, 2006
The act of urinating and excreting in one's briefs while
gyrating against another's face like that of a washing machine. Extra points are given should excrement ooze out either side of the undergarment
This guy's voice was so annoying that i wish I could have given him my dirty laundry right there in the restaurant.
by Karlotta LovesMeat April 15, 2009
The act of shitting in someone else's clothes dryer. Preferably runny. After the act has been performed, the dryer is then powered on to the high heat cycle thus crusting the shit into the drum of the dryer.
I went over to John's house and left my dirty laundry in his dryer. After that I made a quick exit.
by Bob Nelson January 04, 2006

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