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it's when you're doing a girl from behind and you reach around and punch her lights out
I was doin' this chick, right, and she mouthed off so I gave her a dirty juanita. Now she asleep
by xlprq January 05, 2005
When you're doing a girl from behind and you punch her in the kidneys so she tightens up.
Amanda the Whore is so loose that Danny Tanner had to give her a dirty juanita just to get any pleasure.
by Duff Mcgee February 26, 2005
When you take a girl in the shower and you lather up her tits and then you knock her out with a crowbar. You give her a dirty sanchez and leave her out on the front lawn.
As I walked by my neighbors house I saw his girlfriend passed out on the lawn with a dirty sanchez and realized that her boyfriend had given her a dirty juanita.
by grundel octavio September 12, 2007
After having sex with a girl, you beat her head in with a croquet mallet, and give her a Dirty Sanchez with her own brains. Teabagging is also recommended.
"The sex with my girl wasn't good, so I gave her a Dirty Juanita."
"Awwww, the Dirty Juanita!"
by Daniel Rose July 26, 2006
You screw the girl and when you are done you break a cinder block over her head.
I gave Garcia's mom a dirty juanita last night.
by Kavee June 27, 2006
When you stick your finger up her butt, and reach around and give her a Mexican moustache.
Pedro stuck his finger in Marisol's butt, reached around and gave her a Dirty Juanita.
by Drewby888 July 01, 2006
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