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A term used to describe MOST(the best) parts of New Jersey, such as PARTS of North Jersey (201 area, Elizabeth, Newark, Etc.), and parts of South Jersey. For some reason, middle class white kids from suburbia NJ aka Sussex County like to say they are from the real Dirty Jerz. Sorry to burst your bubble kiddies, but... no.
dirty jersey stand up! repping that 201, hackensack all day!
by ehyo January 30, 2008
parts of south jersey like camden or atlantic city. some of north jersey.
oh shit were lost in dirty jersey, roll the windows up.
by DJdick March 17, 2009
A mixed drink, best enjoyed at house parties. Fill the largest cup possible with at least a splash of every liquor in the house. Add beer to taste. As the night continues, continue to top it off with other people's leftover drinks. It will become more and more disgusting by the end of the night, and you'll get freakishly drunk in the process. Ideally consumed in Jersey, but anywhere will do. You win the prize if you don't vomit.
"I made a Dirty Jersey at Sarah's birthday last night and feel like I got hit with a train full of dogshit. I think there were 5 different kinds of whiskey in it by the end
by MrEngrish November 07, 2014
When a man initiates unprotected sexual intercourse with a sub-par class woman but - when he pulls out his penis - he is wearing a rubber (from the collection of old-dirty-discarded condoms in the woman's vagina). The phenomenon is like a battle between the penis and vagina, similar to a hockey fight, where the vagina "dirty jerseys" the penis with a condom and hence wins the fight.
That girl I had sex with while camping on the weekend gave me a dirty jersey! GROSS!
by blaaades November 26, 2010
Dirty Jersey is when you are fucking a girl in the ass from behind while she throws up into a trashcan.
This act is best performed with jersey girls who are well known for being trashy
I was going dirty jersey on this bitch last night. She was so nasty my shoes smelled worse than my dick!
by olfxah July 09, 2009
1. A role of coins wrapped in electrical tape and used as a combat apparatus. This weapon is commonly found in New Jersey, hence its name.

2. A term used to define northern New Jersey or the New Jersey shore.
1. I didn't have my brass knuckles so I resorted to the dirty jersey.

2. We accidentally crossed the George Washington Bridge and ended up in dirty jersey.
by Andrew "Pimpter" Pinter December 09, 2005
To perform a dirty jersey you must have the mr. fantastic stretch power. You put you penis into a girls butt and stretch it through her intestines out of her mouth so she can give you a blowjob and be taking it in the butt all at once
I gave that bitch a dirty jersey last night, it was crazy
by Thatkidfromjersey June 28, 2009

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