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Sexual maneuver, beginning with fecal matter on the fingers; which is followed by an upward bitch slapping, mimicking the salute of the Nazis. While screaming "Zig Heil" the shitty fingers are inserted into the nostrils, in a downward motion, leaving a poop-stache reminiscent of that belonging to Adolph Hilter.
Barbara is a cheap JAP, She's totally getting a dirty hitler tonight!
by Maaren February 18, 2007
same as the dirty sanchez but in the form of a hitler moustache
boy:"Hey cassie, check this out" *wipes shit on upper lip*
boy:ZIECH HILE bitch! its called the dirty hitler"
by sami and syd July 24, 2006
The same move as the Dirty Sanchez,
Except a double finger insertion, followed by a two hand, two part moustache
She begged me for the'ol Sanchez, so I one-upped the bitch and gav her a Dirty Hitler.
by Ldiablo April 02, 2003
A Dirty Hitler is when you take some poo and smear it on someones upper lip in the shape of Adolf Hitler`s mustache(usually after they pass out at a party) . It`s both humiliating and smelly.
"lol Jon fell passed out this is a perfect time for a Dirty Hitler"
by xDRxGMONEYx April 04, 2015
A dirty Hitler is a dirty sanchez shortened... think Hitler's stache only...made of poo.
WHOA...check the dirty hitler on THAT chick!
by Chip Kimbal February 03, 2007
When somebody wipes a small piece of poo across someone's upper lip.They then have a mustache like Hitler.
When Craig got knocked out I stuck my finger up my butt hole and gave him a dirty Hitler.
by T-rent October 12, 2014
Getting a bloody nose while making out with a girl and giving her a bloody mustache.
by AJJMoney$ January 29, 2011

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