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A noticeably dirty and disgusting individual. Usually this person could also be described as being: gross, disgusting, grimey, gully, stinky, smelly, horrid, devastatingly unwashed, rieking, dastardly, abonimable, and appalling. This person also usually smells of rancid man-trotch.

Derived from the well-known man himself, none other than the damn dirty Dustin Henriquez. Yes,...quite a dirty individual I must say.
George looks around and says, "Golly, take a whiff of that damn dirty man. He looks as if he hasn't showered for days!"

John replies, "Yeeah look at that little pot of stink, it smells of old trotch."

George declares, "Extremely grotesque,...what a dirty hen!"
by CLOCKWO12K January 07, 2008
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