shoot a chick in the abdomen then have sex with the wound
Yo dog I gave this chicken head a dirty harry for a 20 dollar rock
by dirty ball licker February 15, 2009
A sexual innuendo which is approached from the doggy style position. As your fornicating doggy style stop. The male removes his penis from the vagina and slowly begins rubbing it on the area between the asshole and vagina. The male then says "i bet you wondering if i'm really gonna stick it in your asshole without asking,(pause for suspense) but my question is,(again pause) you feel lucky bitch, do ya?" Give or take the bitch in that sentence. The you proceed to shove your fallice into her asshole. I made this up wah wah wa what? all the other ones are wrong, and in reality are called something else
I pulled the dirty harry and she almost broke my dick off
by Mike Zula May 19, 2008
When having sex and the dude (or chick) asks you to stick your finger(s) in they're butt-hole
you get the idea. >_> <__< >_>


Dirty Harry

by MyPetShoe August 20, 2008
An old slang Term for Satan.
I hope one day you and Dirty Harry have a heart to heart.
by Rawr2.0 May 11, 2009
what clint eastwood's wife gets after they are done having sex...
Clint: do you feel lucky punk?
His wife: yes, just dirty harry me
by Dylan September 27, 2004
When a man wipes shit in his mustache and then eats an unshaven bitch out!!!!!!
If a man was to take a shit the use it to rub all over his mustache as an un-shaved women was masterbating and then the man would surprise her with a shit laden mustache ride, thus called the dirty harry.....
by Clensch16 August 17, 2008
a huge floater left in someones lavatory
OMG!!! who's left this gi-nourmous dirty harry, in the loo
by Andrew Dixon February 24, 2005

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