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When the food you're eating is greasy, nasty, and otherwise disgusting, but you could care less because it is so good.

Man, this Rally's/Checker's Big Bufford sure is dirty good.

top examples include:
Hardees/Carl's Jr.
anything with grease dripping off, etc...
by Clay Davis November 15, 2007
(adj) This "double adjective" is used to describe anything that is so good, people feel like they have to clean themselves. Often used when talking about food, sex, or a set of skills.
Yo, this Disney funnel cake is dirty-good. Lemmie schedule a dentist appointment.

Man that girl was dirty-good. She lubed me up and straight helicopter'd on my wingwang.

I was bumpin' that dirty-good song 'Strobe' in my car and had to hit-up the car wash.
by kiD_nogarD February 25, 2011
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