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Immediately after anal sex you the man pulls his cock out of the whore's ass and smears her shit around her mouth in a circle, making it look as if she has a mustache and goatee, except it's like a shitstache and shitee.
Ha that little whore loved it when I gave her the dirty gomez.
by Ali T April 27, 2003
Contrary to the common belief, a Dirty Gomez actually occurs when a man pulls his member out of a skanks ass and rubs contents which are left over around her eyes in the geometric shape of a circle.

Jay Leno gave Wishbone a Dirty Gomez!
by Nicole88 August 11, 2007
The act of sending a link to a friend that opens a Selena Gomez music video, Very much like being Rick Rolled.
After I had Rick Rolled my boss for the ninth time he got me back with the Dirty Gomez.
by DominicLove May 16, 2011
To take your dick and soak it shit water, and shove down the female throat and then fuck her in the ass adding a donkey punch in the end.
Guy 1: Dude how was your date last night, with Alyssa?
Guy 2: We got dinner and then I Dirty Gomezed her.
by SUPER DICK December 02, 2015
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