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Immediately after anal sex you the man pulls his cock out of the whore's ass and smears her shit around her mouth in a circle, making it look as if she has a mustache and goatee, except it's like a shitstache and shitee.
Ha that little whore loved it when I gave her the dirty gomez.
by Ali T April 27, 2003
Contrary to the common belief, a Dirty Gomez actually occurs when a man pulls his member out of a skanks ass and rubs contents which are left over around her eyes in the geometric shape of a circle.

Jay Leno gave Wishbone a Dirty Gomez!
by Nicole88 August 11, 2007
The act of sending a link to a friend that opens a Selena Gomez music video, Very much like being Rick Rolled.
After I had Rick Rolled my boss for the ninth time he got me back with the Dirty Gomez.
by DominicLove May 16, 2011