an in-joke

there is no actual sex act called a "dirty dutch," but you mention it to make a naive friend believe there is

basically, you say you did the "dirty dutch" the night before and then mention it's nastier, dirtier, and sicker than the vilest sex act you can think of
"Last night my girlfriend, one of her friends, and I did the "dirty dutch." Man, the "dirty dutch" is sicker than going ass-to-mouth while tongue kissing someone who just tossed your salad."
by Da Nastee One December 06, 2006
Top Definition
A style of Electronic Dance Music that revolves around those squeeky high pitched synths, really groovy drums and just make you want to smile and dance around with your friends. Most of the Dirty Dutch songs can also be categorized as Electro House.

Afrojack is currently the most popular Dirty Dutch producer, and is leading it's uprising popularity.
Hey what music you listen to?
Dirty Dutch
What? What's that?
It's hard to describe...lookup on youtube "Top 10 dirty dutch" and it'll give you an idea.
Alright I'll do that!
by Jack the Smack February 27, 2011
The act of wiping precum on your partners upper lip
She was giving me lip so I gave her a dirty dutch
by Mongra December 06, 2010
A 'Dirty Dutch' is a person who is overtly sexual and horny.
Matt Burke is a Dirty Dutch
by slapmouse February 03, 2009
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