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Dirty dozen Sunday is when you and your buddies each lock themselves into a room and beat off 12 times before leaving the room. Common side effects are extreme highs, extreme lows, apathy, excitement, shooting blanks, hatred of women, and of course, extreme chaffing. Most commonly done by frat boys, porn addicts, professors, businessmen, Chinese people and nerds.
Dude 1 to Chick 1: We're organizing a Dirty dozen sunday, you want in?
Chick 1 to Dude 1: I hate you guys.

Dude 1 to Chick 1: Sorry, I can't sleep with you for at least 2 weeks, I rubbed my penis raw yesterday.
Chick 1 to Dude 1: I hate you guys.
by Ejaculaxor March 12, 2008

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