The act of rubbing your dick, preferably when dirty, over an item, preferably food, that does not belong to you when the rightful owner isn't looking.

Ideally, after the act of dirty dicking someone's food, you wait for the unsuspecting victim to eat said food.
I was dirty dicking Caleb's burritos he left in the microwave earlier, hopefully he'll eat them.
by Necro-File January 08, 2006
Top Definition
The act of fucking one girls ass then fucking a second girl's vagina with out showering between
I dirty dicked my girlfriend last night, after i got done fucking some dumb broad in the ass i tottaly fucked her with out washing up first
by Cuddle Bear December 31, 2004
intentionally giving someone an STD
I met this one annoying bitch on spring break so I started dirty dicking her so she would stop being a bitch. Now she got AIDs
by t_hoops237 July 28, 2015
The act of repeatedly sticking one's penis in a female's anus.
I was banging Yolanda last night, and we got a little carried away. My shlong slipped out of her kooch and into her browneye. I was dirty dicking her, and it felt pretty damn good.
by Jocko Johnson June 15, 2004
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