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During anal sex the man uses hot sauce as lubricant, then ejaculates into he woman's ass, then the woman shits into a burrito and eats it...mmmmmmm
Whenever things get boring in bed, my personal favorite is the dirty diaz.
by Albert Wrinklestein February 28, 2008
When someone is so black out drunk they are not aware of their doings and in the middle of a drunken stooper they shit in a near by closet.
Did you seriously pull a Dirty Diaz?
by Dirty Diaz Him Self... January 23, 2012
When a guy bangs a nasty fat chick and lies to his friends about it.
Dave did the Dirty Diaz with Wendy last night!
by Asmodath February 01, 2010
a fetus that has pubes and glasses; wears pajamas under its pants
Damn Chris, you are starting to look like a dirty diaz
by Poonani January 07, 2005

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