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When a girl is deepthroating you, you pinch her nipples right as you cum. Her scream paired with the warm liquid and dick in her throat will produce a sound similar to chewbacca's growl
Dude, you're girlfriend gives such good head that I gave her a dirty chewbacca!
by dominoe 9632 September 21, 2006
The act of a man receiving oral sex from a girl after he has spread his feces on her face and pushed her her into it. The man also commonly gags her with his penis to induce a gargling sound out of her.
Last night was so hot, I gave my new girlfriend a dirty Chewbacca. Grrrrrr!
by SweetBradleyJames December 23, 2010
The act of growing your pubic hair extra long, then when receiving oral sex, have the women/guy barf all over your pubic hair. Have the women/guy continue the oral sex while getting pubic hair covered in barf all over her face.
"That girl got the worst Dirty chewbacca yesterday!"
by Pantera69138 January 12, 2010
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