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A drink made of chai and a shot of espresso. Makes many girls horny.
Prima: Heyy honey, I had a dirty chai just now.
Secunda: Awesome.
Prima: Fuck me.
by cathen November 04, 2008
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The "dirty chai" is the final product after a male or female allows numerous male sexual partners to ejaculate into his or her anus in rapid succession. When finished, the human semen receptacle expells the fluid which now has fecal matter infused with it giving it a brownish hue. The resulting liquid is known as a "dirty chai".
After the porn star was finished with the all anal gang bang she had dirty chai leaking out of her ass all over the place!
by NeverGoBassToMouth March 25, 2012
To tea bag an unfortunate individual while simultaneously releasing a satisfying full-bodied fart
Yeah bro I gave that dick a dirty chai. Farted right on his face with my balls in his eyes.. it was great
by grewl614 March 29, 2015

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