1. a young attractive woman of questionable origins
2. a young under-dressed and generally whorish woman
Cristina Agulara is such a dirty bird her vigina drips mud.
by Duke April 28, 2003
a dance in da bay were u flap ur arms and do a thizz face
DO the dirty bird on the car roof
by david go dumb in my white tee October 10, 2007
When Your slut Girlfriend gives you head while simultaneously jerking off two of your friends
"betty is the dilch i can't believe she cruised a dirty bird on me,sam and bill!"
by Claud Winters March 19, 2005
A one story rambler style flop house with a large unkempt yard, sheetrock dust in the unfinished and uninsulated portions of the commons area, and one room with carpet in it, littered with beer cans and novelty thrift store clothing. So named because of its location on 33rd street. (Thirty-Third/Dirty Bird).
"Yo, dude, party at the DIRTY BIRD!"
"Fuck yeah, party at the muthafuckin DIRT BIRD"
"Hey C-Man, whaddaya say to a little Dirt Bird action?"
by C-Biscuit September 28, 2007
A chick who doesn't change her panties.
"Damn that bitch is one dirty muthafuckin bird"
by Devil November 29, 2003
When one eats tenth of molly, two hits of acid, and and 8th of mushrooms and does not shower for three days.
The dirty bird smelled so bad that a piece of dog shit would have smelled better.
by Cack bovice July 10, 2008
While at a social occasion, sneaking alcohol while your friends are distracted or elsewhere.
While Bryan and Joseph were distracted, Roman proved to be the dirty bird by sneaking a shot of Mezcal.


Before everyone returned, D was dirty birding the rum.
by Andrew dAdesky October 26, 2006

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