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when two people are butt fucking, the man slips one fist into the vagina and the other into the ass. after that the women then repeatedly adds lubricant to the males head (skull not dick), after all the anal fucking and the fisting in the ass. the ass hole must be pretty loose. the man after receiving heavy amounts of lub to his head he then inserts his whole entire head in the butt hole. as thats happening the women is in intense pains in which she needs to sing african tribal songs to relieve her off the pain. if the tribal songs don't work the women must fit 4 bananas into her vagina and having the man take his head out of the ass hole and ram his face into the vagina crush and squishing all the bananas. the women must leave the bananas in her pussy for a week due to tribal reasons.
after shitting in the toilet i dirty african that bitch
by JONJIZZIUM January 14, 2014
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