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(1.) Not simply the evacuation route for the common deuce but also with some "oppositional irony" (2.) the entry point for the male and prosthetic penis (e.g., jelly cock) -- usually during man-on-man intercourse, and at that, when the recipient is being referred to by the other(s) as "Shirley."
The burly, hairy inmate pumped the white collar criminal in the dirtchute -- "Take it, Shirley," he said -- to the applause of the other inmates in the penitentiary laundry facilities.
by NiraMillson June 19, 2010
141 13

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a females 's anus. It usually has a sexual connatation
She took it in the dirt chute like a real champ.
by thesinic September 14, 2006
15 14
that mofo be a dirtchute digger
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
3 121