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small, possibly stupid birds that sleep in the dirt during the darkest of hours. When approached on bike, the elusive dirtbird will frantically fly in the face of the on-comer. A defense mechanism? Or perhaps another cruel joke by Mother Nature...
I was railing around the corner on the fire-road when this fucking dirtbird flew in my face.
by The Dirtbird Hunter November 06, 2006
Irish slang used by scumbags for someone they consider morally lower than a scumbag, typically a paedophile or murderer.
"that Christy from number 98 deserves jail after what he did to jacinta, f&*kin dirtbird"
by womoma April 15, 2005
A woman of ill repute. A promiscuous female. A dirty, venerial whore who men should not touch with the longest of bargepoles.
"That Mavis is a right whore. Barry caught glowing herpes off her, the fecking dirtbird."
by Murf Murphy. April 08, 2006
feces, product of defecation, another word for shit, or a derogatory word used towards someone who is being distasteful
for feces
person 1 "where you going mate?"
person 2 "i gotta go hang a dirt bird"

derogatory meaning
person 1 " i just had sex with a frog"
person 2 "oh your a f**cking dirt bird"
by jamie $ January 22, 2008
a girl or woman who goes out and hangs around clubs and bars in skimpy clothes. to attract a drunk male for coitus
"look at her dave id fuck that"
Urgh why shes a fuckin dirt bid shes proberbly had more pricks up her than a heroin addict!
by mike January 05, 2004
Localised - Dublin, Ireland.

A Dirt Bird can also be someone who'll do anything to finish something, low morals. A person that'll stoop to anything, basically.
You're a fucking Dirt Bird.
He's a Dirt Bird.
Yer ma's a Dirt Bird.

(simple exclamation from a crowd to a single target) Dirt Bird!
by SM January 28, 2005
Someone who doesn't wash that often. (Northern Irish slang)
He's such a dirtbird, you can always smell him before you see him.
by Boc2 November 09, 2007