A Dirt Ball, colloquially referred to as DB, describes a person or persons who share a complete and utter disregard for social norms when it comes to maintaining an acceptable hygienic appearance. They may drool while talking, unknowingly wipe whatever disgusting matter they may have picked up, touched, stepped in or been exposed to onto you by the nature of their dirtballiness, or pull you backwards into the dirt, soiling your clean clothes. They often find humour in their status as a Dirt Ball (DB).
Dude #1- "Oh My God, Ben, what the heck are you doing!?"

Dude #2- "Bah, hih, hih, hih, hih, hih, ha!"

Dude #1- "Dude, get away from me you freakin' DIRT BALL!!!!"
by Itchy Law November 01, 2011
A term used amongst junior hockey players all around. Someone who isn't picky at all with his choice of women. This person usually likes to get around by creeping on facebook seeking out his next victim.
How about that dirt ball Joey D, he's gotten on just about every swamper around this town.
by Junior Hockey Bible July 19, 2008
A person who says or does something completely disgusting and inappropriate, yet very funny/amusing as well.
"Bob, i can't believe you just laughed at that poor nun in a wheelchair! you are such a dirt ball"
by JoJoPotato November 13, 2006
Similar to a snowball but insted of the mouth the semen is spit into the rectum.
That sick bitch wanted to snowball me, so I made her give me a dirtball and humiliated her.
by Jumbo January 27, 2005
A useless Mexican who lives in California and works for less than minimum wage.
The beaners who mow my lawn are dirtballs.
by James January 24, 2005
A dumbass bitch (girl)
That bitch is a dirtball
by TyKane82 September 11, 2004
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