a person who packs their black carhart and their yamaha sweatshirt with dirt. who also is always dirty and never has a reason to be dirty.
Man that kid is a dirtbag!
How did u get dirty...u dirtbag
by J Chivs March 08, 2006
a dirtbag at the teen age...
Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag fuckers!
by Pabs Momoney August 25, 2003
1) Hoover: Receptical for the temporary storage of dust/dirt collected by the vacuum cleaner. 2) Harley: Operator of said vehicle.
That dirt bag was bloated and smelled like shit!
by shUDDER to think July 22, 2003

Saying "Dirtbag" followed by someone saying "Eep" and punching the nearest person
Simmons:"AHHH MUther FUcker"
by w00t August 21, 2004
Best kisser in North Lincolnshire ( from Scunny - the industrial garden town ).

Likes to stuff Susan over the Miami grill for some extra mash!

Dirtbag: " Hi Susan" ( in pathetic voice )
Susan: " mmmmm Paul .. How are you?" ( manly American accent )
Dirtbag: " Im good thank-you Susan"
Susan: " Im gonna squat on your face bitch!"
Dirtbag: " Ok, Thank-you Susan"
by sue merrill August 26, 2004
A kid named Matt Comer who is dirtbagish and is a dirtbag
Holy shit comer you fucking dirtbag
by wcia April 09, 2005
a guy or girl that fucks anybody and is dirty.
Kristy Byrd is the biggest dirt bag i know.
by natalie November 17, 2004

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