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n: Piss-poor, unemployed rock climber who lives off scrounged food and sleeps, obviously, in the dirt. The pinnacle of climbing committment and idol of employed climbers.

v: to 'dirtbag it': the act of living as a dirtbag
n: Climber A: "That ass hole said he climbed 200 days last year - is he full of shit?"
Climber B: "Nah man, he's a dirt bag, fo sho."
A: "Fuck."
B: "Yeah dude, some day..."

v: Climber A: "Sorry to hear you got laid off. You bummed?"

Climber B: "Nah, I'm just gonna dirtbag it in The Valley {Yosemite} all summer and regroup next fall."
by Daybagger May 07, 2009
a person who is white trash and usually never changes their clothes,washes their hair,smells good,ETC
jesalyn's house is full of salisbury dirtbags
by mei shang October 25, 2005
term common to police jargon to describe those involved in criminal activity.
Hook that worthless dirtbag up!
by anon February 15, 2004
1. A filthy bastard! To smell like ass!
2. A pervert! A porn king!
1. Gene is a dirtbag!
2. Bill is a dirtbag!
by ben-wah! April 04, 2003
Someone who is associated with listening to country music. Generally lives and works in the same location, enjoy simple things like trucks, drink'n beer.
Hey did you hear that new dirtbag song about the guy who lost his girl, and his truck?
by the real ok November 04, 2011
n. Car sales term: A person who has terrible credit and has difficulty in obtaining financing for a vehicle. They often show up in beat up trade- ins that theyhave a negative equity issue with. Most often a waste of time.
I wasted three hours on a Dirt Bag today. and we could not get him approved!
by danth666 September 18, 2009
One who could care less about what they look like.
Someone who rarely ever showers and is somewhat dirty. Not in a bad sense, but someone who like to be dirty. One who might have dreadlocks. And their laast shower was in the ocean.
He's such a dirtbag, no biggy.
by Eloise Ardant July 20, 2006
A go-bigger often seen "haxin' the thrash" atop the biggest rails, boxes, hills, bumps, humps, jumps, and lumps. Those coon-slayin, varmin-layin, red-headed rap-scallywags with a big hairy mess right above the top lip.
See that guy right there; the one who just nailed it? Yeah, he's a dirtbag."
by DirtyThrashin January 05, 2010