A typically shorter, unkempt, unwashed, tatted-up individual who will more than likely fuck you in the ass and steal your wallet. May go by the first name Simon or Tom.
"You're gonna have to buy my lunch today, I went home with a dirt squirrel last night"
by GLfoLife April 30, 2013
Top Definition
A 2 legged female that scavenges for nut and often displays moral inconsistencies.
You are a one-hundred percent, grade-A dirt squirrel.
by DMort December 09, 2010
1. a female of questionable character
2. a female with a scandalous sexual past
3. a dirty dirty slut
'that fem be a dirt squirrel'
'that girl is a dirt squirrel for sure!'
by whiskymack January 09, 2004
A person who conducts themselves in a trashy manner. Could be a hygiene issue or a behavior issue. Crosses all ethnicities.
A dirt squirrel is a guy who wears loose tank tops with either beer advertisement or Nascar on it. Someone who might put Kool-Aid in a baby bottle. One who swears at their kids in public(for Gods sake have the decency to do that in private). A person who doesn't flush the toilet then not wash their hands in a public restroom. See people of Walmart.com
by mredh1979 June 10, 2011
Someone who is promiscuous and Likes all forms of debauchery . Often says or does "pervy" or rude things. Often displays moral inconsistencies . Can be used to replace words such as ; skank, whore, pig, perv, asshole, player, etc.
Sophia, you were such a dirt squirrel with that guy the other night .

Evan, stop being such a dirt squirrel all the time.
by Kmd89 April 26, 2016
A Dirt Squirrel is someone who is passionate about any sport that is performed in the Dirt. Prerunners, Baja, Bmx, Mtb, Rc, Moto, Rally, Rock Crawling, Atv, Utv, Sprint cars. You get the idea.
Did you see those Dirt Squirrels going huge!!
by lukie_dude April 27, 2015
generally used when referring to useless people who hang around in the corner booth of a coffee shop.. alone..preying on your life by taking in your every move. dirt squirrels commonly flock together and masturbate in a tight smegma filled circle and shoot their demon seed all over eachother. they then proceed to lick up all of the wasted sperm followed by group force vomiting.
Washroom Attendant: Excuse me.. group of dirtsquirrels, would you be in need of towels to clean up after that horrible display of hell on earth?
Dirt squirrels (in unison): jizz and smegma make for vomit filled day of fun, if you speak again you will be stapled to the wall and your intestines will be ripped out through your ass and shoved back down your throat.
by Maury Povich- September 13, 2005
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