To pass out from consuming to much alcohol.
Guy 1: Wheres Ben?
Guy 2: He's taking a dirt nap upstairs
by BCosta June 04, 2010
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to be dead
Where's grandma?
Taking a dirt nap.
by John March 06, 2003
n. death

v. (taking a dirt nap) dying. Sometimes used to describe passing out/being unconscious as if dead

also, receiving a visit from Dr. Dirt Nap (dying)
Poor Jane, she stayed home from work today because her cat took a dirt nap yesterday.
by TBea April 22, 2008
to kill someone, and therefore make them nap in the dirt
that SOB needs a dirtnap

dirtnap makes my shadow grow
by Set August 22, 2004
The kind of state one is said to be in once they are dead. More often than not, they are put in this state by way of murder; most likely because they was caught slippin'.
"That motherfucker that was talking shit better have someone to walk him to his car. Otherwise, imma catch him slippin' and give his ass a dirt nap." Nighty night!
by Geeeuuuhh! December 09, 2014
When a man becomes so violently drunk he falls asleep mid fuck, but the penis is still erect.
Suzy : Hey Emily did you get off last night?
Emily: No, Adam dirtnapped me again last night
by Pubestar November 06, 2014
To kill someone in call of duty.
You see someone across the map and you scope them in and shoot them; longshot headshot, buzzkill, payback... DIRTNAP!
by jlh1 May 11, 2010
1. To be dead, alt. Taking a dirt nap

2. The act of taking a dump in someones bed while they are sleeping

"Dude, I just gave tom a dirt nap, he's gonna be so pissed when he wakes up covered in dookie"
1. "He got shot last week, he's taking a dirt nap"

2. "Dude, I just gave Tom a dirt nap, he's gonna be so pissed when he wakes up covered in dookie"
by BigMan215 January 13, 2012

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