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a cookie made in Hati. They take some clay and mix it with flour and butter and form it into a cookie shape and then bake it.
It does little more than stop hunger pangs.
They make these because of the shortage of food there.
1. I couldn't eat a dirt cookie. Could you?
by Deep Blue 2012 August 04, 2009
A cookie made of inland yellow plateau dirt from Haiti mixed with cooking oil, and is then left to dry on the sidewalk during a hot Haitian summer day.

Avg Value: 6 cents.
Location of sale: Streets of Hati/ 3600 Adams Rd Troy MI 48084.
Sam Blake Anderson left his home house at 3600 Adams Rd Troy MI 48084 and went to Haiti and made a dirt cookie at which point he sold it for some dirt money.
by mr.scotty911 May 29, 2008