adjective used to cast something or -one in a negative light.
did you see that game last night? our team played like dirt.
by Rmack March 19, 2005
Someone who dosen't fit into any specific classifications or stereo-types, but instead makes his/her own path in life by doing as he pleases regardless if it is exceptable to current trends or fashions.
by The King Of Cartoons October 23, 2003
Something that's unimportant or disgusting or stupid.
Who cares about that dirt?

Eww. I don't wanna eat that dirt.

This is some stupid dirt.
by bowser724 August 15, 2005
ASS, but smellier
-I gotta take a huge shit
--Remember to whip your DIRT
by dave cassidy November 14, 2003
another name for Nutmeg... get high by snorting it... see nutmeg
man my nose is filled with dirt.
by Kendirt August 29, 2003
a group of shit bags from northern new jersey who get belligerently drunk and do things such as piss on things, throw garbage cans at parked cars, and generally just piss people off. if you see dirts coming hide your booze cause it will be drank and shittyness will ensure.
tonight is a {dirts} night. Lets pound a thirty of natters and and beer bath shell.
by dirtyburger October 26, 2011
A native or a slut or a tramp
That native left a dirt stain when he fell.
by a nigga June 24, 2006

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