rios CAMELTOE!!! :|:|:|
-shit you can see that thing from a mile away!
-that girl needs to stop wearing spandex as pants.
-rio is dirt.
by T-O-M-M-Y January 13, 2007
adj- used to express fail of something or someone. Usually expressed after witnessing a act of a fail or recalling the act of a fail. Usually done by saying the name of the place, event or person then abruptly shouting "DIRT!" thus expressing the fail upon the victim(s).

Can sometimes be used to just break the silence of a conversation and not really be directed at anyone
Example one:
"Wow did you see that horrible serve? Wow! Bello! DIRT!"

Example two:
"ummm... BELLO! DIRT!"

Example three:

Yeah my dad said I couldn't go tonight. My dad. DIRT!

Example four:

Bello- man its boring
Evan- yeah
Bello- Hey evan come closer i have to tell you something
Evan- What?
Bello- DIRT!

Example five:

Abe- DIRT!
*everyone laughs*
*conversation starts up again*

by bellonotreal April 01, 2009
Referring to smokeless, or chewing tobacco. Because of it's rugged brown appearance.
Bob: "Yo Calan what kind of dirt do you have G?"
Calan: "Apple and Citrus Skoal bro-ski."
Bob: "I'll have some Apple Dirt if you do not mind friend."
by Blasius November 08, 2007
when someone give you head.
The girl gave me some dirt last night.
by derrick roberts December 21, 2006
Used to describe and label the majority of the poor white trash that infests our towns, cities, and of course public high schools.
EX1) His head is shaved, he is wearing a stained South Pole shirt, charcoal grey jeans and no-name white trainers. He also smells like an ashtray and has the IQ equal to a ham. He must be a dirt.

EX2) That herd of dirts are on the street corner listening to a pirated CD of 50 Cent and smoking Newports.
by Aktion_T4_1942 November 27, 2005
Refers to quite possibly the coolest type of guy on the face of the earth. He's universally loved, so much that they can call him "dirt," still love him, and he totally gets away with it. He is usually accompanied by a beautiful cat, which only makes him that much more sweet. Anyone able to get away with such strangeness obviously deserves such an exalted name.
Holy crap! Did you see that guy standing naked in the party? He's totally Dirt!
by Erick BT May 10, 2005
Obviously dirt is really a nub, that doesnt shave her hairy legs for 2 months...and has dirt stuck under the dead skin on the heel of her foot.
Stevie Lynn Hammond. Also known as Kid, Buddy, Stupy, Nubbie and (dirt).
by Anthony Izzo April 19, 2005

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