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Anthony Tomas Izzo aka Tewna, Twan
A boy who is dirt. He likes to play with tuna in the sea and he also doesnt shave for like 40 days which also makes him dirt. So obviously, he's dirt.
by Stevie Hammond April 19, 2005
Shitty Brown Throut hirttin, head-ach giving piece of shit weed!
I only smoke Northern California Green weed. Fuck dat bullshit dirt!
by nick November 26, 2003
Info on a persons past activities whether embarassing or harmful depending on the story being told.
I'll give you some dirt on that girl there. In high school she was the class slut. Stay away from that cooter.
by Apu February 21, 2003
A flexible word used to describe the attainment of female company or pleasure.

Can also be used as a slang term for a female companian or girlfriend.
Rusty, Get your dirts.
by Nilsy P March 03, 2011
The action of taking a poo; Going #2
Maaaan, I totally gotta take a dirt!

Dude, where is Bob? Oh, man, he went to take a dirt.
by nosyllalouise February 03, 2010
any female that is hot or that is a slut or that gets on the dance floor and twerks their ass.
You lil dirt!! Get your little dirt ass on the floor and twerk something you lil dirt. Dirts make penises happy.
by bread infection December 07, 2009
An all purpose profanity, shortened version of dirtay
You are Dirt, stupid asshole!

You are THE dirt, awesome buddy!

My shoe blew up?!!? Dirt that.

by EliseIsBored September 20, 2007