A term used to describe a girl or boy, usually in Middle school, Highschool, or College, but most commonly Highschool. It is somewhat of a whore or hoe, but of LOWER social status. A 'dirt' has absolutely NO class, and possibly little respect for their body, as they just throw themselves to anyone who would like to engage in a sexual act with them. The term 'dirt' is more commonly used to describe a girl, rather than a boy. An example of a girl that is 'dirt' would be somone who has had 3 abortions, or babies, by the age of 16 (anyone, girl or boy, who conceives a child or gets a girl pregnant before graduating highschool, or with a random stanger is 'dirt'). Another example would be a 16 year old boy who has gotten 3 different girls pregnant before an appropriate age to raise a family (Middle school, Highschool, and College are all not appropriate ages. When an individual has a real profession, and makes a living, then its an appropriate age). A boy that is 'dirt', is nothing similiar to a pimp. A boy that is 'dirt' will show no regard for class, and get girls pregnant with no regard for his future. A girl that is 'dirt' is similiar to a whore or hoe, but possibly even sluttier. For example, as a whore or hoe has sex for money, a 'dirt' will engage in sexual intercourse with several different guys, say at a party, without any regard for other people, without any regard for STD's (sexually transmitted disease), without protection (if having sex), and without any regard for her future. 'Dirt' is also used to describe somone who has a crush (likes) on a new person everyday. For example, if a girl were to tell a boy that she has a crush on him, and then she has a crush on a different boy a day later, she is 'dirt'.
Jonathan - Yo, isnt that senior Judy hot?
Fred - NO! That girl is fuckin dirt, shes pregnant from a guy that she doesnt even know his name!
by Ray Ray 7 July 09, 2006
Top Definition
low grade marijuana
Damn, all I got is a bag of dirt
by Cosmo Wash.DC December 26, 2002
used as a label for a person that is low on the social ladder, either because of unfettered promiscuity, poor personal hygiene, or any other indicator of social status
You are dirt.
That chick is dirt man.
by GT August 10, 2004
criminal activity. e.g. "doing dirt"...muthaf***a!
I do my dirt all by my lonely.
by devdawgula November 29, 2003
gossip, bad information
Dude, I have some major dirt of Brandon
by Dae March 05, 2004
That brown stuff on the ground - soil, earth.
Jimmy planted a tree in the dirt
by sape September 17, 2006
A common breed of mostly nocturnal humanesque lifeforms suspected to be female, Dirts are most certainly a dangerous species. Hunting in packs they tend to pick off the stagglers of a group, pouncing as soon as they are alone.

It is somewhat common for male adolescents to intermingle with them, indeed it is seen by their peers as a right of passage.
Stephen: "Man, have you seen some of the birds Evan scored lately?"

Paul: "Yeah, what absolute Dirts!"
by Tom Random December 09, 2009
1) adj - describes a person, or action that is immoral or despicable.

2) verb - the action of performing an immoral deed
Person 1: "then I totally drank the whole lot without him knowing and pretended to replace it with another bottle I'd actually stolen from him that same day"
Person 2: ".... you're dirt"

Person 1: "Dude, you're in my seat!"
Person 2: "Three second rule, man"
Person 1: "Lame, you totally dirted me"
by the cap May 28, 2008
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