1) Commonly mistaken for a hobo
2) Poor hygiene (i.e. - never uses soap, never brushes teeth, ect...)
3) Listens to ICP, and enjoys ICP
4) Smokes cigarettes
5) Anger issues
6) In *rare* cases are quite wealthy but is in denial
7) Doesn't posse clean clothes or has holey clothing/dirty clothing
8) Not liked my many people in social class (an outcast)
9) Low self-esteem (i.e. - can't raise hand in class, can't stand up in front of a large group of people, ect...)
10) Doesn't comprehend easy words (i.e. - moral, flattered, ect...)
Shut up Jacob, dirt kids don't have free speech in this country.
by Randell El November 25, 2007
Top Definition
Anyone who exhibits the following qualities:
1) A lack of personal hygeine (i.e. not bathing, not brushing one's teeth, ect.)
2) An overpowering love for the seminal "rap" group, the Insane Clown Posse.
3) High levels of sexual promiscuity.
4) A constant stream of swearing and/or fragmented sentence structure coming out of one's mouth, with no discernable thought or point.
5) A highly unhealthy love for hackey-sack.
6) Generally outcasted by one's peers.
I totally went to the ICP concert last night! I was surrounded by all my dirt kid bretheren! Juggalos 4 Live!
by Torrey Mann June 07, 2007
A Dirt Kid (D.K for short) is a kid who trys to be cool, but yet is a douche. some dirt kids have g-unit shirts that look like they found them on the road. they sport the dirt under their fingernails alot too. DK's arent properly fed. They arent very up to date either. just think about it. you know a dirt kid or 2.
dude..jims a fuckin dirt kid from hell.... (as a verb)..look at fred Dk'in it up over there
by s-turna11 June 22, 2009
They are the scourge of existence and deserve to be secluded on an island where no one will ever see them again. A beginning explanation of what they are would be a hybrid between a redneck, rock, and white rap persona. Their skin has the appearance of dirt that is so heavily embedded in their skin that makes them look dirty beyond a point of cleaning. They wear clothes that either a) nobody should ever wear or b) that are thrown together ensembles of clothing that are a mix between preppy southern/redneck; yes I am aware that this makes no sense, but neither does the fact that these awful excuses for life exist. They are especially focused in an area of southern Georgia that includes Glynn County and Camden County.
Kid Rock was the original dirt kid, and they only got worse as evolution continued.
by IHateDKs May 16, 2011
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