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Dirt Diver is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Unit.
Dirt Diver do you read me?
by Mack Gerhardt October 06, 2007
Someone that aint afraid of getting his hand dirty when working.

Also a character in CBS the units
Jakes aint afraid to get his hands dirty. Hes a real dirt diver

Mack code name is DirtDiver
by JiDe T. October 28, 2007
ladies want them and men want to be them; To be the best at getting down and dirty with the ladies; a ladies man.
Hey you were a real Dirt Diver last night. Thats such a Dirt Diver move.
by ATtheRightTime June 17, 2009
Homosexual male (offensive)
He came back from his tour in the Navy a dedicated dirt diver.
by Jinaid July 14, 2011
Another name for a homosexual
Nick and chris from Tampa are Dirt Divers!
by Jay Cash May 04, 2005
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