the anus hole - ring piece
you have got a realy smelly dirt box.
by ashley brooke May 11, 2004
Top Definition
arse, the tight brown rather than the easy pink, poo pipe, chocolate starfish
Suzie wouldn't let me up her dirt box and I had to settle for her fouf instead
by butt weasel September 02, 2003
The Anus, or more specifically, a female anus.
I'm going to plow that girl's dirtbox like there is no tomorrow!
by Xoc January 15, 2003
The anus. See also: ass
Shit, I'd do her in the dirtbox... a lot.
by Afext December 09, 2002
Female anus, or back door
yea dude she was on the rag, so i flipped her over and stuck her in her dirtbox.
by nathan November 14, 2003
Female anus
Look at that dirtbox.. So friggin tight.. I'll put something on it..
by Only person March 01, 2009
When you get really drunk and you act like a foool!
Andy Lane was such a dirtbox last night!
by sjhbdchyvbls94 June 13, 2011
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