I don't know. a rather cool young lady nooooooooo not i don't know stop typuing stop typing stop typing you bastard nooooooooooo stop fine then who wore a kitty kat mask no not like that not like that yea yea start again a rather cool young lady who wore a kitty kat mask when trick or treating with the boys wait
Isaac (ruler of the universe and sexy god of thee) wants to smother her in kisses and what's it called shower her in gifts noooooooo stop it that's so irritating
Top Definition
dira is the the name of a loverly red haired girl who comes up with wierd sayings and is totaly random and thats why people fall instantly in love with her.
some one with very talented lips
oo look at that girsl lips, she could so be a dira if she tried
by Llama-law November 05, 2004
short for Indira, a really hot funny amazing girl
wow, that hottie over there is a total dira
by fat hoe November 03, 2004
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