someone who is acting retarded , is doing something stupid , or a funny name to call friends !
Koral is a really big dip wad because she thinks she loves me more !
by sister who loves koral more!!! December 22, 2010
any sort of stupid refrence to anything or anyone. it is an adjective and always will be one. never use it as a name, you'd just be a dip wad your self.
god! that frickin' driver is such a dip wad!
by Unicorn Butt April 07, 2010
Somebody who is stupid or annoying. Most likely came from the usage of "dip" a tobacco product that's usage involves dipping ones lip into a pile of it. The meaning of dipwad is literally a wad of dip, created by ones saliva, which is quite an unpleasant thing.
Bob stop being such a dipwad
via giphy
by Coolmannards December 19, 2015
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