Top Definition
A Person Who Lacks Intellect (a dumbass)
"hey Aaron isnt matt a dipwad"
by LittleKahn December 22, 2003
noun. a loser; an idiot
The coin-collector gave the dipwad $5 for a $100 coin.

What a dipwad!
by Chad Deese October 16, 2003
Stupid person.
You are such a dip wad.
by Erick Smith August 25, 2003
a person you'd just as soon be rid of
by kitznegari November 09, 2002
A very stupid person.

(I probably didn't make up this word first, but I made it up in my mind first.)
Nick Jonas, you freaking dipwad!
by iHateJonas June 28, 2009
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