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A smoking cessation method where a young lady places a handful of Skoal in her panties.

I’m happy for Jane, she hasn’t smoked once since starting the dipthong plan and her skidmarks smell like mint.
by bishopsumo February 15, 2007
87 162
a person acting retarted
your such a dipthong
by yeehaw! April 23, 2004
227 171
word meaning you are a dumbass, or have been exhibiting some dumbass behavior
You're a dipthong!
by Granolaa July 12, 2010
107 67
1. The vagina flap of a black women
2. A total idiot, 98% of these idiots are black
Shaniqua has such a flabby dipthong, you can see it through her pants.

Jackson: DeAndre, you are such a fucking dipthong
DeAndre: what's that?
Jackson: my point exactly...idiot
by jswags November 16, 2011
61 71
When a male takes a female's underwear, dips it in melted chocolate and/or strawberry syrup and eats it.
Dipthongs are disgusting.
by Jun-Jun the Spoon December 01, 2006
83 188
A dipthong happens when a girl has such a tight thong up her bum that dips her thong in her poo.
Emma had a dipthong. It was smelly.
by Dipac August 24, 2006
60 187