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A smoking cessation method where a young lady places a handful of Skoal in her panties.

I’m happy for Jane, she hasn’t smoked once since starting the dipthong plan and her skidmarks smell like mint.
by bishopsumo February 15, 2007
a person acting retarted
your such a dipthong
by yeehaw! April 23, 2004
word meaning you are a dumbass, or have been exhibiting some dumbass behavior
You're a dipthong!
by Granolaa July 12, 2010
1. The vagina flap of a black women
2. A total idiot, 98% of these idiots are black
Shaniqua has such a flabby dipthong, you can see it through her pants.

Jackson: DeAndre, you are such a fucking dipthong
DeAndre: what's that?
Jackson: my point exactly...idiot
by jswags November 16, 2011
When a male takes a female's underwear, dips it in melted chocolate and/or strawberry syrup and eats it.
Dipthongs are disgusting.
by Jun-Jun the Spoon December 01, 2006
A dipthong happens when a girl has such a tight thong up her bum that dips her thong in her poo.
Emma had a dipthong. It was smelly.
by Dipac August 24, 2006
Apart from being a FANTASTIC word, this means when you have more than one vowel on a single syllable.
Although, it is much more entertaining to come up with your own definition.
Person 1: Hey, did you realise the word 'computer' has a dipthong in it?
Person 2: no
Person 1: com-p-ee-oo-ter.
Person 2: great, fuck off
by Madman6556 October 20, 2014