When a slick dude probes a womans rectum with his finger without her consent, then swiftly attacks her mouth with the shitty finger. 'The Dipstick!' is then typically announced afterwards.
Mikes a fuckin perv... he stuck a finger in my ass, and when I pulled it out he stuck his crap-encrusted finger in my mouth and shouted 'dipstick'
by The Wop October 10, 2005
when someone ejacqulates inside there girlfriends pussy and thinks "fuck i wasnt waring a cony".
you bitch is making you really horny so you stick it in a forgot to put a cony on then you cum inside of her
by aaron March 04, 2005
It basically means dic.To call someone or what a male has in terms of having sex
Dillan:Oi dipstick
Thomas:fuck off you retarted shit!
Dillan:I didn't mean you I ment someone else
Thomas:oh....😅 soz for that
by UrbanDictionaryEpic June 27, 2015
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