The ancient art form of checking the freshness of a female. Must take no less than one, but no more than three fingers and insert into the meat-curtain. Upon insertion one must slowly remove as to "tease" the subject into thinking your playing it cool. Then stealthly motion your Dipstick no futher than an inch away from the nose to allow yourself to induldge on the sweet aroma. This technique is perfect for birthday parties, get togethers, and family re-unions in Arkansas. To properly secure the Dipstick technique be in an isolated location such as; Fairgrounds, concerts, church, or even your local Women and Children Hospital.
Johnny had forgotten to dipstick Heather so he didn't realize it when he took a swim in the crimson tide.
by Vag Warriors July 10, 2008
Penis. See also to dip ones stick.
I saw his dipstick in the moonlight and my word did I get a fright. And that on a saturday night !
by muffindamule October 06, 2006
one who's brain compacity is less than a long thin piece of metal used to check oil levels.
your such a dip stick
by josh April 29, 2003
1.) The stick in fun dip.
2.) The D.
3.) A stupid person.
Hey dipstick, give me that dipstick, and the other dipstick.
by Shaey Kay May 21, 2014
shady, unattentive, unaware, clueless.

That dip-stick Joe forgot his wallet on the countertop table, again.
by Chioma August 03, 2006
1) A tool used to test urine to find diseases in the kidneys or other parts of the excretory system.

2) A derogatory term used to describe a person.
-The dipstick revealed an excess amount of protein in the man's urine.

-That guy's a freaking dipstick!
by Egaro February 16, 2009
A versatile tool, obtained near any park or garden.

Most oftenly used by schoolkids to poke around in stuff (usually mudpools)

this tool is named a dipstick

fine example of a dipstick
by Indi Dae February 15, 2009
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