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A stupid person who cannot spell or do shit like math.
English, Dipshits' computer language
People: ppl/ppul
for: 4
you: u
are: r
to/too: 2
love: luv
be: b
because: cause
any word ending in ing: in'

Sentence in dipshit: ppl luv u cause u r so nice 2 me and 4 everyone.
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
13 48
A dipshit is a person or thing that is a "Dip-Shit". Also kown as a "Deep-Shit", as in extremely large in height
"Damn John, you sure are a dip-shit"
by leibabe87 May 13, 2005
5 41
a townie or anyone else who thinks moshers, skaters and skateboarding is crap so fuck you all!
by crapie October 19, 2003
8 51