a brown person .
due to the fact that they have been dipped in shit , which is why they are brown

aka . Mo. Ali .

: )
Mo , you're a dip shit
by h123456789 February 12, 2009
Someone who many people loathe and would like to see disapear from the planet earth. A person who lives to create havock for others. A person who is despised as a human being.
Vitale is a such a dipshit no prospects. Why dosent he just vaporize himself and call it a day?
by Gunssa December 27, 2007
George Walker Bush
George W Bush is the biggest dipshit not only the usa, but the world has seen.
by SkeezerPleaser December 27, 2006
insult - you are a dipshit, or as in terminator 2 as jon C converses with a jock after learning Arnies in his control.

meaning - you are a stupid shit. dip meaning thick.. "she's a bit of a dip" and shit obviously being the more insulting.
Jon connor: who's the dip shit now, dip shit!
by Low_reZ February 20, 2005
A person that does stupid things
"He quit his job in a recession & now cant find a new one. What a dipshit"
by Iva Longprong April 02, 2009
dipshit:someone that is absolutely stupid and says tje stupidest things.
becky:when is spring break?
mia:omg! ure a dipshit

what my dad calls me
by becky February 26, 2005
A term, originating from chaminade high school, used when a person is packing a huge lip, while simultaneously taking a shit (aka as taking a Dugo) in the bathroom.
Mike: hey bro, I just took the most glorious dipshit when I got home.
Sean: nice bro, I'm gunna take a dipshit when I get home lol
by Crab dictator January 17, 2011
An extremely moronic person.
Bob, "Stop being a dipshit"!
by James Nathaniel May 24, 2008

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