An asshole too stupid to know how assholish he is.
On my way home from work, this dipshidiot in an H2 changed lanes eight times in a mile but got stuck at every stoplight.
by sjw423 February 16, 2013
Top Definition
A person who possesses the personality traits of both a "dipshit" and an "idiot". A particularly offensive and dim-witted individual.
That dipshidiot actually thought I would go out with him.
by Bluto Van Byrd August 19, 2006
An individual lacking complete common sense and judgment.
An individual whose best brain cells have been used up or left behind.
Can you believe that dipshidiot?

Did you just hear what that dipshidiot said?
by overworkedmom July 30, 2011
a cross between a dipshit and an idiot. when one or the other doesn't do the moron justice, you put them both together for a fitting adjective for your challenged friend.
"no, africa is NOT a country, you dipshidiot!"

"she's actually a dipshidiot, she couldn't even spell her own name right."
by emjtheswaq October 21, 2013
Complete moron or imbecile. One who performs foolishly in public on a regular basis, blissfully ignorant of the fact he is a professional horse's ass. Typically applied to Internet activities such as social networking sites, but may be properly used to describe politicians and elected officials, and certain celebrities. Never used in a complimentary sense, but may be used in jest to roast a friend's chestnuts, particularly after a round of drinking. See also: "Shit for brains."
It was bad enough he has been sleeping with my wife, now that dipshidiot wants me to fertilize his crops in Farmville!
by Doctor Donothing January 12, 2011
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