Blonde person, different, somewhat foolish, and stinky.
That girl is a big dippie
by Chelsea June 26, 2002
Top Definition
Person who is sometimes known as the Mod kid, or the indie kid. Dippies are whatever they want to be at that minute, and they can fit in with the groups. Sometimes thought of as a back stabber by radicals. Everyone tends to like dippies for no apparent reason, except for the fact that they blend in so easily.
You can't really put a label on her. She's a dippie.
by Kristen January 07, 2003
A depressed hippie VERY rare
If seen take a picture because you may never see one ever again
Guy: yo yo look its a dippie
Girl: omg we should take a picture those are really rare u know
by Wowz October 08, 2008
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