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(noun) Rooted in the verb "dip" (meaning to depart), dip sauce is an emergency reserve of speed that must be tapped when one is running desperately late for something. It is most effective when used as part of the imperative expression "harvest the dip sauce."
Andrew: Oh, crap, the movie starts in three minutes and we're still ten blocks out!
Remy: Harvest the dip sauce, son!
by Baby Stoob May 07, 2008
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describes leaveing somewhere or going very fast. it is always one word and you never add suffixes. can also describe a thrown together shitty sauce made from random stuff that you find.

the dipsauce refers to the king of speeing with say a car.
yo ima dipsauce outa here
i bet that guy can dipsauce
yo yesterday i was dipsauce so hard core
man this dip sauce tastes like shit!
by justlikenoteven July 09, 2006
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