1)a word used as a exlamation of something that is hotboxin

2)a word that has no meaning
1)that shit is soo dips

2)two words dips
by Hohiro April 03, 2003
A sign that I would love to steal.
That sign over there says Dip.
by brit March 08, 2005
to ride out not to stop you doumb fuck
gas brake dip dip gas brake dip dip
by donk ryder May 15, 2006
When a girl sucks yo dick in a new buggati
My girl wants to dip
by mason mariner noell January 15, 2016
Short for "Dick in Peanut-Butter".
Dang, Tasha really wanted that D.I.P. She's mad hungry.
by gomie August 05, 2015
A rare type of bird, chirps a lot and smells extremely bad
What's that smell? Oh it's just dips.
by petrusso January 21, 2015
A stupid person; someone who doesn't do anything correct.
You're a fucking dip.
by Click here October 10, 2014

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