deported immigrant from pakistan
that dip is hurting
by eddi March 23, 2004
oral sex...oral sex...oral sex
-you down for dips?
-ima dip ya
by mel..0098 June 26, 2007
to trip, slip, or fall
i dipped today!
by rinku gupta April 28, 2004
Dual Inline Package
DIP's are chips that look like centipedes.
by Reuel Titus October 16, 2003
fruit cake
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
taking a HUGE cock in the butt
"When you go to prison, you little bastard, be prepared for a dip"
by Crazy 8 March 06, 2003
1)a word used as a exlamation of something that is hotboxin

2)a word that has no meaning
1)that shit is soo dips

2)two words dips
by Hohiro April 03, 2003

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