Slang for anything extra. Or "And then some." Can be used for many things. It can be used to demand respect or acknowledgement as well as many other things. It is also another term along the lines of icing on the cake.
"You best bring me my chips...with dip!"

"That shit is the dip motherfucker!"
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
A Person of East Indian Origin
Yeah Aly is east indian, he's such a dip.
by OCM March 13, 2003
A Houston racial slur referring to a Black and/or African-American that has just recently stolen or in any way acquired something illegally, and is now fleeing in order to escape the inevitable fate of being ass raped in prison.
Those Dips sure can run.
by johnhanglow May 24, 2011
Very slow or stupid people such as retarded people.
You're all dips!!!
by Tha Producer12 May 28, 2009
Chi-Town/Chicago way of saying "dice", most commonly used as a reference to "shooting dice", or, "ghetto craps".

Boy A: 'Ey, lets go shoot some dips at Mike House
Boy B: Where them dips at?
Boy A: I got 'em right here
Boy B: Crystal dips? that's bangin'.
by BOWLINNNN''' March 16, 2007
To carefully, slowly, and strategically slide or dunk your hairy, saggy sack of balls onto a bitch's (preferably a dumb bitch's) tongue. After the initial dip, the balls will bounce up and down on the tongue and a wad of manpower will unload on to the bitch's forehead.
Aaron's balls were so swampy and sweaty he knew it was time to go for a dip with that dumb bitch named Boosy The Poos.
by Dippy McNut December 23, 2006
to dip ur dipstick into ur moms tinkle hole
bob-i took a dip into ur moms tinkle hole last night
jim- dude fuck u
by disquad September 28, 2006

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