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the act of eating out a womans gentials with a dip in.
Last night Hall put in some Grizz Mint and ate out Cindy. He was Dip Diving!
by MosesTheJew June 27, 2009
When someone puts a dip, or chewing tobacco, in there butthole, then a friend takes the dip out with their tounge and returns it into the other persons lip to be enjoyed.
Greg: Tyler, my but still stings from dip diving lastnight.

Tyler: That's to bad, tonight is my turn!

Greg: Okay!
by G-lane August 11, 2008
The act of placing a dip of chewing tobacco into ones butthole, then proceeding to take it out with your tongue and returning it into your partners lip to be enjoyed.
Greg: I shouldn't have eaten taco bell before we went dip diving.

Tyler: That's okay, it was still rrrreally fun!
by G-Slam2 August 13, 2008